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Skype is  32  bit application. So its takes some steps to install it on a 64bit Fedora. But its doable and i have done it. We need some  32  libs to be added which is required by Skype. I have successfully installed in my 64bit ‘Fedora release 17 (Beefy Miracle)’ x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux . Use the below steps and install the needed packages using yum.


yum install alsa-lib.i686

yum install glibc.i686

yum install libXv.i686

yum install libXScrnSaver.i686

yum install qt.i686

yum install qt-x11.i686

yum install qtwebkit.i686

Or at once use below command
yum install alsa-lib.i686 glibc.i686 libXv.i686 libXScrnSaver.i686 qt.i686 qt-x11.i686 qtwebkit.i686

# ERROR: Protected multilib versions: 1:qt-4.8.4-14.fc17.i686 != 1:qt-4.8.2-4.fc17.x86_64
In case you come across the above error just add –setopt=protected_multilib=false with the yum command.

yum install --setopt=protected_multilib=false qt.i686

# ERROR: Error in yum Transaction : Test Transaction Errors: file /usr/share/man/man1/plasmapkg.1.gz from install of **********.fc17.x86_64 conflicts with file from package @@@@@@@.fc17.x86_64

I just removed conflict file via rpm. [Please be sure and check thoroughly before removing the package ]

rpm -e @@@@@@@.fc17.x86_64 --nodeps

And finally install skype.

Skype download link :

rpm -ivh skype-

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