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After her stint on the fifth season of the reality show “Bigg Boss”, Indian-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone wants to get back to normal life with her boyfriend Daniel Weber and says he is everything that her ex-fiance Matt Erikson didn’t have

What is it like being a porn star?

I believe I lead my life just the way I want to. I am free to do what I want without any restrictions.

You made a conscious choice to be an adult actor. What was your parents’ reaction to your career choice?

I informed my parents after I won the Penthouse cover-of-the-year and $100,000. It was impossible to keep it a secret. How would they react? Obviously there was a confrontation between us. They were upset at first. Eventually they came to terms with the fact that it is what I’ve chosen to do with my life. With time they came to know I’m still their daughter, still the same person.

While you were inside the Bigg Boss house, your ex-fiance Matt Erikson apparently released your first adult-film together without your consent?

I am not sure about what has actually happened. But in the adult industry there are certain rules that must be followed. If for some reason he has released content that he does not own, then….

Was your parting with Matt unpleasant?

We didn’t see eye-to-eye. It didn’t work out. I am a happy person today. I’m a better wise person today. I know exactly what I want in a man now.

What do you want in a man?

Exactly what I have in Daniel (Weber). He is everything that I could ever imagine. We own a business together.


Do you hope to marry this guy?

Over and over again.

What are your plans now?

To try and get back to a normal life, as much as possible. I will be in Mumbai till after the grand finale of  Bigg Boss.

Mahesh Bhatt is waiting to sign you up?

Every Indian girl abroad grows up watching these beautiful actresses in Hindi films on television, dreaming if she could ever be part of it. I am no different. But the option (of doing a Hindi film) wasn’t there. Now it is there. So I’d love to work with Mahesh Bhatt.

Are you considering a career in Bollywood?

I hope so. To be a part of that gallery of beautiful actresses I grew up watching… is a mesmerizing thought.

You went into Bigg Boss with your profession as an adult star a secret. Didn’t that give you a kind of freedom from being judged?

No it didn’t. I had to grope around in the house to give them a sense of who I was as a person, and not for what I did as a career. That was tough. It was very important for them to come to terms with my personality before I revealed my true identity.

What was their reaction when they got to know that you are an adult star?

They were surprisingly okay with it. That was an absolutely pleasant surprise. If anyone had issues with what I did, I’d have known.

Would it have been embarrassing if anyone had issues?

No. I’ve been doing adult porn for 10 years. I’ve met all sorts of people. Those who like me, those who dislike me for what I am and what I do, those who hate or appreciate my choice of profession. I wasn’t really bothered with the reactions I’d get in Bigg Boss.

How was the experience in Bigg Boss?

It was interesting watching the dynamics within the house. Language was a problem. This was the first time I had to understand and speak Hindi.

You looked very pained on the show?

I did? There were lots of arguments. I had never been so vulnerable in my entire life. But it was a learning experience. I laughed a lot. I’ve never laughed so much before.


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