Resident Evil: Revelations Coop Mode Fix (MP Fix v5)

Resident Evil Revelations

This is a fix for those who have an issue with Resident Evil Revelations Raid mode co-op. Players get to the point where they can invite people to join game but as soon as the other person accepts the invitation nothing happens.

Follow these steps and play Resident Evil: Revelations coop mode without any errors.

**Caution: Backup your save games before you do anything.**

1. You must have installed the Resident Evil Revelations game (FLT Version).

2. Download RER Update 4+DLCs.rar  and extract it to the game folder.

3. Download Resident evil Revalations MP-Fix v5.rar and extract it to game folder.

4. Run Steam and login.

5. Start the game and Select Raid Mode and host a Game.

6. Press F9 to bring up the friends list.

7. Click on the Invite and wait for the other player to join.

8. Enjoy The Game.

Feel free to ask any doubts………… 🙂


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